Privacy Policy

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

CYBERGATE considers the protection of personal information to be one of the most important management responsibilities of an internet content service company.

CYBERGATE will make every effort to adhere to the items below and protect personal information in an appropriate manner.

  1. Regarding the Appropriate Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information – When collecting personal information, we will make the purpose of its use clear and collect it in a legal and fair manner. Personal information collected will not be handled beyond the scope of the purpose of its use. Also, we will take the appropriate measures so that it is not used for anything other than the purpose it was collected. Collected information will not be provided to third parties without that personfs consent (excluding some exceptions).
  2. Regarding the Safe Management of Personal Information – We will appoint an administrator for the purpose of personal information protection and we will implement the appropriate safe management measures with our employees and outside partner companies to prevent illegal access to, and loss, damage, or alteration, or leaks, etc. of personal information.
  3. Regarding Ongoing Improvement of Personal Information Protection – In order to conduct personal information protection in a continuous, improved manner, we will at all times reexamine and improve it in conformance with changes in the law, etc.
  4. Regarding Adherence to the Law and Other Standards – For the protection of personal information, we shall adhere to all laws, government-enacted guidelines and other related standards, etc. related to our operations.
  5. Regarding Responding to Complaints or Consultations Regarding the Handling of Personal Information – In order to respond to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, we shall make organizational preparations and endeavor to respond in a prompt and appropriate manner.